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TUSK Partners launches New “Equity Affiliation Strategies” Model

Posted by Kevin Cumbus on Nov 12, 2019 11:04:31 AM

November 12, 2019


This Innovative Solution Promises to be a Major Growth Catalyst for Emerging Group Dental Practices

Charlotte, NC: Today TUSK Partners announced the release of their “Equity Affiliation Strategies” model, which addresses one of the greatest impediments to growth in the emerging group dental practice space: continued access to debt funding. The Equity Affiliation Strategy model complements the company’s philosophy of creating win-win solutions in the emerging group practice space and is expected to make an impact in the area of growth strategy for both acquisition-oriented and startup-based groups. The doctor-founded and debt-funded group practice sector is the fastest growing segment in all of the dental market.

                                                       For more details, check out the following presentation: 
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“The Equity Affiliation Strategy model is a significant development that complements our company’s overall service offering. We expect it to be a tremendous value to founder-owner dentists in the emerging DSO space as they look to grow their business,” said Kevin Cumbus, President of TUSK Partners. “Equity Affiliation addresses a primary need of any DSO, regardless of size or years of experience, in that it reduces the reliance on overall debt-funding and emphasizes earned equity through Profits Interest Units (“PIUs”). I’m incredibly confident that our Equity Affiliation Strategies will have an immediate impact in helping our clients expand their footprint while they continue to strive for quantifiable operational improvement.”

Diwakar Sinha, Co-Founder and Partner at TUSK, went on to say: “The Equity Affiliation model is a perfect fit for Founders, Seller-Doctors and Associates in every emerging group practice. Debt Funding continues to limit how quickly a business can grow, but Profits Interest Units help to create alignment of vision through shared equity. There are a significant number of potential sellers who have built great practices and would like to participate in the upside of the DSO phenomenon, but they don’t want to take on all of the risk. At the same time, there are a significant number of associates who would also like some upside potential but can’t afford to take on more loans to do it. Our Equity Affiliation Strategy addresses both ends of the market with an equity-based solution that benefits all parties.”

This new Equity Affiliation Strategy model continues TUSK’s innovative approach to developing solutions focused squarely on the emerging group dental practice space. For more information on TUSK Equity Affiliation Strategies, please contact Diwakar Sinha directly.

About TUSK Partners: We’re passionate about guiding entrepreneurs to build successful businesses and exit strategies. TUSK Partners provides industry-leading resources to group dental practices and DSOs with over 70 years of combined experience. We help our clients START, GROW and ultimately SELL their group dental practice or DSO. For an overview of our services, please click HERE or visit our website, blog or YouTube channel.

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